Everything To Know About Touch Screen Solution In Corporate

Introduction about touch screen solution 


Touch screens are gaining popularity in everyday life. Nowadays different commonly used devices, computers, cell phones, and even cars mainly depend on the interactive touch screen technology to function properly. Some of the top facts about touch screen solutions in corporate sector have been discussed in this article.

A Few Mobile UX Design Skills Help With Very Large Touchscreen UX Design

Tips to consider before choosing the touchscreen solution for business


  1. First one should decide about the number of touchpoints they will need. Some of the different features such as pinch-to-zoom are becoming an essential feature. Pinch to zoom is primarily available with the touchscreen devices having a minimum of two touchpoints. One will require an average of 10 touchpoints which will allow the users to use two hands at the same time.
  2. The portrait interactive displays in the case of the retail environments are mainly used for the single-user experience with the basic button-pushing functionality. Whereas, the landscape interactive displays in the meeting room could have various co-workers and will mainly require more touchpoints.
  3. The user should consider the size of the touchscreen they will need for their business. Most of the interactive displays are mainly classified between 65” and 84”, however, the size mainly depends on where it will be installed and the number of people will be using the screen. Collaborative, interactive screens are primarily used in case of huddle spaces that are usually far smaller in size as that are used in case of classrooms or board rooms.
  4. The user should consider the type of connector they will need. Most of the interactive screens are usually combined with integrated windows or Android players and have the embedded Wi-Fi capability. 


Top benefits to know about the touchscreen solution for business


  1. This screen mainly helps in engaging with the customers.  It’s one of the greatest ways to let the users explore a particular brand in their own way, and also allows the business to show off their technology or products or solutions to the greatest effect.
  2. This can help in improving the productivity of the employees. The employees of the business can also get benefitted from the touch screen technology. The industrial touch screens mainly work in harsh conditions and provide the staff with an undisturbed workflow in any manufacturing environment.
  3. One of the most significant benefits of touch screen technology is the enhanced accessibility it provides to people with disabilities. People with damaged eyesight can zoom into digital signage and can increase the size of text and images. They also can get benefitted from the voice technologies which mainly read text out loud.
  4. The particular technology can help the speeding of their customer experience. These screens help someone to provide a faster and convenient customer experience.
  5. The touch screen technology can help to reduce the staff cost in case of business. With the availability of the round-the-clock touch screen services, the company does not need to pay high rates for the night workers.


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