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Dive deeper into Germany’s political history and learn all the aspects of the movement to bring about the necessary change in the country.

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Government In Exile Of The German Reich

The support received by a government determines its effectiveness at the time of exile, which is when the population fought for their rights.

Wartime occupation was the primary trigger for the exile of a government, and Germany was the reason for many governments sought refuge in other countries.


Central Council Of the KRR

With many groups of people still believing in the German Reich’s existence, a competition has been going on between many organizations to restore the older practices.


Provisional Reichsregierung

The groups with a deep-rooted faith in the imperial government have been looking forward to a legitimate government’s reinstatement.

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Reichsbürger Groups

It was almost a decade back when a pandemonium of dubious health worshipers and fanatics of German Reich brought chaos to the city.

Fürstentum Germania

It was a micronation that lasted for around three months in 2009, with huge gatherings sharing the common interest of exercising right-wing extremism.


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History plays a crucial part in the shaping of our society. Learning about the movement became a lot easier with their support.
Marjorie R Rumbaugh
A research about this topic made me land on this page, opening new doors to the movement and its principles.
Donna J Bay

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A Glance into Nazi Supremacy, Third Reich, and End of the Hitler Regime!

Hitler Regime

A peep into history when Hitler was the regime of Germany, Nazi Germany officially pronounced the country as the Third Reich. The Third Reich started in 1933 and lasted till May 1945. Nazi state Germany was otherwise known as the Third Reich. This was the time when the natives of the country were restricted from all the rights. It was also a movement that made them dictatorship, and his fellow beings supported the idea they came up with pointing Germany as the historical successor of the enormous than the other two German empires. Hitler positioned himself as the ever great ruler in the whole of European history. Hitler not only enjoyed these titles but, even though it was called the Third Reich, in his mind, it was nothing other than the thousand-year Reich. The notion, “Reich” already had a various meaning of power even before Hitler came into power. But, the notion was changed when Hitler rose into leadership, and the thousand-year Reich or Third Reich was born.

European history

January 30, 1933

It was in the year 1933; Germany crowned Hitler as the chancellor of the party. The suspicious fire that broke out in the German Parliament made him approve the decree that the government can take any right if it is an emergency without the approval of parliament. From there till his end of regime saw a tremendous increase and downfall of many crucial moments. The country saw a transformation in all the culture, the economy, education, and law. Everything came under Nazi control from thereafter. Later the country saw Hitler rising into the presidency, and the army under him would kill anyone that stood against him. It was not late when he placed and titled himself as the Reich President, Reich Chancellor, and lastly, the Fuehrer. Apart from all these titles; he would control all the issues and problems of the country in a dictatorship manner.

Nazi Supremacy

Expansion of the Regime and the Nazi foreign policy

Hitler believed that Germany was the head of the world and only the superior ones would live in his country by eliminating the inferior ones. Yes, he was a racist. He believed that Germany must evolve and expand to the East and conquer the Eastern province by holding Europe, and the Soviet Union. According to him, the inferior ones were the Jews and Gypsies. Well, you know what he did to them right? It is better if we avoided that cruel act! For clearing things up, He murdered the Jews in mass and was considered as the racial enemy to Germany and especially to him.

The End of the Supremacy!

We must not forget the reality that the Nazi army along Hitler embraced and was considered as the role model to a majority of the Germans. Even though it was difficult to capture Hitler and his cruel regime to the country, there arose few people here and there and a German Opposition group was made along with the Allies and conquered Nazi Germany by putting an end to the regime in the year 1945, 8th May.

Controversial Extremist Reichsbürger Movement and History Behind it

Extremist Reichsbürger

It was in late 1985 when Kommissarische Reichsregierung was founded later changed into the Reichsbürger movement. The movement existed long before the World Wars ended. In simple words, the term, Reichsbürger means nothing but the citizens of the Reich. The movement and the people supporting this movement believe that the traditional laws and the borders of the country still exist and reject what the modern government offers in the country. They are also of the opinion that the German Empire’s 1937 or 1871 borders are still in existence and are governed by the Allied groups and not the government alone. Considering this movement, the people, the legislature, and the security platforms are not entirely taken care of by the German government rather it is the foreigners just like Hitler’s age who wants to take control of their land and country. The movement and the people that support have many reasons for the country to be scared of them. They are violent, revolutionary, and still live in their own constructed bubble.

Reichsbürger and What Do they Do?

First thing first, these people do not pay taxes to the government. They refuse everything the government proposes. Not only do they do that, but also consider their property, assets, and other business spaces controlled by the Federal Republic of Germany. They push the other legal procedures were they should be a part of it. They not only reject every government-issued process but also sue the government with their speeches and claims. The movement is made up of individual small to big sections, and they comprise of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and Bavaria. They also consider their states as territories and titled it as the Second German Empire. Apart from all that, they even have their legal documents like passports, and driving licenses, flags, and cloths.


Reichsbürger and How Much percentage of Threat Do They Propose?

When the movement started, it was a leaderless movement. At present, have around 19,000 supporters. Of these, the intelligence officials came to know that even though there are extremists, around 950 are considered harmless as the rest of them have hold of firearms and other ammunitions. So, the question, how much threat are they to the society, well, pretty much threat! They have various records of serious acts of violence processes too. There took place many instances where the victims were dead drop on the floor and roads, and the convicts had people of this movement.

Reichsbürger and Controversial International parallels

The movement and the people supporting the regime are of the opinion that they are funded by various supreme countries, Russia being the main source. Not only that, but there are also controversies that the group and movement have something to do with the freemen-on-the-land, emerging from the US.